Hi :)

I’m Erin Walker.

Erin = Prince Of Peace

Walker = Worker, Cloth Cleaner, Servant, Farmer

This used to be my blog. Now if you want to read my stories go to www.medium.com/@erinchampwalker

Who am I? If you really want to know buy me a coffee. I really love coffee #coffeesnob

This is my day job => www.walkergroup.co.za – I’m part of a third-generation family business in South Africa!

Otherwise, I love making products and building stuff on the line. Here are some of them:

  • Aspirational my first book I wrote when I was 29
  • The Walker’s is a youtube channel about our family adventures and flying.
  • Planeforplane.co is a one for one e-commerce site selling foam gliders.
  • Planereligion.co is a podcast where I interview revivalists that heal the sick, raise the dead and drive out demons among other things (I stopped doing this – too much content on the market).
  • A poster for the office you can buy for a $0
  • A cool background for the iPhone 11 PRO MAX for $0
  • Launchround.com is a tiny indie investment CO. Current fund state = $0
  • These really cool t-shirts you can buy on Cotton Bureau

You can also follow me on these social channels:

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